Alexander Radev

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London Data School

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Alexander Radev is a prominent data science, machine learning, and AI expert, boasting an impressive track record spanning over 25 years in leveraging technology and data to solve complex business challenges. With bold and unconventional approach, he fearlessly challenges the status quo, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with data, models, and algorithms. An unwavering visionary, Alexander is driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, propelling organisations to tap into the immense potential of data and AI for creative business model innovation.Possessing a profound understanding of the intricacies of technology and a keen commercial acumen, Alexander serves as the vital link between cutting-edge advancements and their practical business applications. Whether it is developing advanced machine learning models or designing scalable data platforms, his leadership has consistently yielded tangible outcomes, ranging from optimisation and streamlining of operations to new product development and substantial revenue growth.With a talent for simplifying complex concepts, Alexander makes intricacies of data science and AI accessible to audiences of all backgrounds. Stay connected with Alexander on LinkedIn and be inspired on your own data-driven journey.